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29 April 2016 @ 02:56 am
I've offically became an uncle a few hours ago. Her name is Mya Paige, 6lbs and 6oz, 20 inches. She's a real cutie. We've decided to wait until my sister's settled at home to go visit Mya. I'm curious how Eden's going to react to hearing another baby. She has an angry look when a baby's crying at the store, so it's going to be interesting

Still unsure what to do about mom, and her issues. I'm trying to remain calm, really I am it's just stressing to see her like this again. I'm thinking about people she goes to the temple with, more than likely the lady my wife met during the baby shower for Eden. I know how divorce is frowned upon being a Bahai, and she takes her religious convictions far too seriously. But I'm sure there's something someone can do if their spouse is being a dickhole, pardon my french. But it's what her husand gets to be called.

I really haven't been active much on here, I realize sleep, wife, work, mom, and Eden are all that fill my life anymore. I've hardly had time to read. Well I guess I hardly have time to sleep. As soon as I get comfortable I'm needed for something. It's tiring. It really does.